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Graphic Design on Retainer

Graphic design on retainer involves utilizing the skill and expertise of an artist without having to pay higher hourly rates or a full time salary. Certain businesses do not require or have the workload to hire a full time graphic designer. Retainer services are most beneficial for these types of clients as they have a predetermined amount of hours at a discounted cost. 

Check out what we have to offer for graphic design on retainer! 

Most Popular

new friends


4 Hours/month

Access to Request Form

Up to 2 Video/phone calls a month 

Good Friends


10 Hours/month

Access to Request Form with Priority 

Up to 3 Video/phone calls a month 

Best Friends


20 Hours/month

Access to Request Form with Priority

Up to 3 Video/phone calls a month 

BFF's for Life


40 Hours/month

Access to Request Form with Highest Priority

Up to 6 Video/phone calls a month 

Included services

  • Print - Signage, Packaging, Brochures, Flyers, Mailers, Banners, etc.

  • Apparel - T-shirts, Hats, Accessories.

  • Typography - Custom Font, Custom Signage.

  • Illustration - Custom Art, Packaging, Product Design.

Retainer Details

  • All retainer contracts require a commitment of at least 6 months. To ensure satisfaction an opt-out period is available between when the first 10 - 20 hours of work are fulfilled as a new client.

  • Any hours fulfilled beyond the agreed amount will be charged at a preset amount in the retainer contract.

  • If there are any unused hours at the end of the month, they will expire and cannot be rolled into the next month (we believe this will be of benefit to our clients to encourage them to use our expertise to drive growth and professionalism in their business).

  • An invoice will be sent at the beginning of month to pay for the agreed hours in advance and any extra hours from the previous month.