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Do I Need a Graphic Design Retainer? Why is Graphic Design Important?

If you are a small to medium sized business trying to grow and stand out amongst the competition, you might have asked yourself these questions about graphic design:

  • Why is graphic design important?

  • Do I really need it for my business?

  • Do I need a graphic design retainer?

  • How do graphic design retainers work?

All of these questions are valid and good. The answer in short is that graphic design makes your business competitive in a mostly digital and design driven world. According to an article by Anthem Branding on Medium, “89 percent of marketers think that brand awareness is the most important goal, followed by sales and lead generation” and we couldn't agree more with this statistic.

Tools like Canva, where you can create your own designs are great. Unfortunately Canva has limited resources and if art isn’t a strong suite, you can’t create what you really need. This is where you need a graphic designer to bring the next level of professionalism to your business.

Great! So you’ve come to the conclusion that graphic design is important and you need a professional to do it for you. Now you're asking yourself,"How to find a graphic designer? How much do graphic designers charge?" Here are a few things to consider before making your next step:

  • Do you have a strong brand?

  • Is your brand consistent across all assets?

  • What is your marketing strategy?

  • Who is your target audience?

Consider all of these questions and come to your own conclusions on how a graphic designer can be of benefit to you. Now that you have an idea of your needs you need to find a designer and inform them of these needs. Tools like Thumbtack, Fiverr and Upwork can be a great place to find one time use designers for random projects. If you came to the conclusion that you have a multitude of needs on a recurring basis than an agency with a retainer program is the best fit for you.

Graphic design on retainer involves utilizing the skill and expertise of an artist without having to pay higher hourly rates or a full time salary. Due to your recurring needs a contract can be created at a discounted monthly rate for a set number of hours.

Save money with a graphic designer on retainer

A monthly graphic design package like a retainer is a majority of the time at a discounted rate. At Seventh Ave we discount our hourly rate for our retainer contracts, the more hours the lower the rates get. This is great for those who have consistent recurring design needs to obtain a lower and more predictable cost.

Not only does graphic design retainer rates lower with more hours contracted, but this monthly agreement encourages businesses to utilize a designer for other needs. When there are no new design needs a business can use the designer to slowly update and improve other aspects of the business they haven’t had time to concentrate on.

Now that you understand what graphic design is, why it’s important and whether or not you need a retainer, take a look at the other benefits of utilizing graphic design:

Consistent brand delivery creates trust and loyalty with your customers

Certain companies have taken consistent brand delivery to such a high level that we use their brand names in our everyday lives to describe a general product or service like: “I need a Band-aid”, “Do you have any Chapstick”, “Google your questions”, "I want a La-Z-Boy chair”, “Let me write that on a Post-it so I don't forget”, “Can you Xerox this for me so I have a copy?”, “Can you put this sandwich in a Ziploc”, and the list goes on.

Through this high level of brand consistency, these companies have trained our minds to use their brand name as how we identify what we want. Graphic design has a huge part in these accomplishments and it can have a huge impact on your business to build recognition and trust.

Custom graphic designs help you stand out amongst your competitors

In a lot of fields business competitors tend to be very similar in their product, service and pricing with a few variations that set them apart. This can make it difficult to stand out and win over customers. One very important way to grab the attention of potential customers over your competitors is through attractive branding and marketing.

In conclusion, graphic design is crucial in the success of a business in this digital world. When choosing how to apply this to your business consider different avenues and you might find that a graphic design retainer is the best fit for you.

P.S Check out Seventh Ave Creative for your graphic design retainer and all other branding needs!

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