Blessings in a Backpack

Blessings In A Backpack (BIB) is dedicated to feeding kids on weekends when they lack access to meals, unlike at school. With programs in 44 states, this growing non-profit wanted a stronger strategy to humanize the countless kids they impact and connect more deeply with donors.

To protect the children's privacy, our team found a creative solution: custom illustrated characters representing the kids BIB helps. These illustrations sparked a social media movement –– leading to a national campaign in partnership with Red Robin Restaurants, where customers can donate to BIB through Red Robin’s table-top ziosk. It's been a heartwarming journey to be a part of!

Brand Expansion
Non-Profit, Humanitarian Organization
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 Inspired by photos BIB sent of children they helped, we created illustrations of various characters to represent the diverse range of children benefiting from their services, across different ages, backgrounds, and cultures.