Fishers Island Seagrass Management Coalition

The Fishers Island Seagrass Management (FISM) Coalition is a passionate community group with a common goal: to protect and preserve the seagrass meadows around Fishers Island off the coast of New York. Their mission includes education and community-building events aimed at promoting seagrass conservation efforts. 

FISM came to us with the desire to build a clear communication strategy and consistent branding and visuals to increase the awareness of this important cause. They also wanted help with strategically launching three new initiatives plus tailoring their messaging and assets to target specific community groups and stakeholders (boaters, residents, and the general public). It was an honor to help them successfully rally people around a sustainable future for Fishers Island's seagrass meadows.

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We set up a consistent tone of voice for FISM that would resonate across their three initiatives – the Boater Initiative, the Lawn Care Initiative, and the General Community Education and Engagement. Our cohesive approach became especially crucial as we developed clear assets tailored to their specific initiatives and the communities they wanted to engage.

Our team at Seventh Ave faced the challenge of reaching diverse communities, including both island residents and tourists. Our goal was not only to set up FISM's credibility as a sustainable coalition but also to inspire care for an environment that some may not frequently visit. Additionally, we had to cater to various age groups, crafting science-heavy materials for adults and story-based content for young children.