Pivot, a Christian Leadership non-profit in Austin, TX, equips workplace leaders with tools, resources, and connections to help Greater Austin thrive. Because Pivot offers a range of programs catering to different audiences, this non-profit needed crystal clear messaging for their diverse programs while highlighting common themes that unite participants. 

After the messaging, we developed a fresh visual identity and website inspiring trust, credibility, and curiosity in potential program participants. This project was enjoyable to work on, not only because of the challenges we tackled but because of the team we worked with.

Brand Refresh
Non-Profit, Church & Ministry
Research, Core, Message, Look
Brand Strategy, Brand Statements, Brand Personality & Voice, Messaging, Visual Identity, Collateral

When Pivot came to us, they didn't have a brand personality or tone of voice yet. So we built them out a customized strategy of does and don'ts to best connect with their potential and returning program participants, plus donors.

We crafted a logo for Pivot that represents community and unity. The four P-like shapes symbolize diverse leaders, both new and old, coming together to support Greater Austin with a common purpose of helping the community thrive. The logo's rotating shapes around a central axis form a negative-shaped Cross, reflecting the guiding principles of Christian leadership in their mission to make a positive impact.