Quiet Mind

 Quiet Mind, a brand-new company, entered the weighted blanket market with their innovative product – the "Original Weighted Pillow" – aiming to compete with giants like Bearaby and "Gravity?" 

When they approached us, they had basic branding elements but wanted a full brand expansion. So we created cohesive brand elements, messaging, taglines, illustrations, and packaging to craft a clear message highlighting the unique benefits of their product, persuading Quiet Mind's target audience to choose the "Original Weighted Pillow" over traditional weighted blankets.

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Brand Strategy, Brand Personality & Voice, Messaging, Collateral

When Quiet Mind reached out, they lacked a defined brand personality and tone of voice, which are crucial for messaging consistency and building trust. We happily developed these core elements for the client.

To make Quiet Mind truly stand out, we designed custom illustrations that seamlessly complement their brand visuals. We carefully designed these characters to showcase the pillow's weight while evoking gentle and soothing emotions. These illustrations not only demonstrate how to use and adjust to the pillow but also capture the emotional impact of its use—something words alone can't fully express.